A performance created for Art Basel Parcours Night in 2015, curated by Florence Dérieux. Performed by Roman Weishaupt.

A native Romansh speaker, the actor, Roman Weishaupt was asked to spend two days in Basel, visiting the fair and its related events with me, in preparation for the performance. During that time, we spoke about various things, including our mutual perspectives on art, the arts, contemporary art, and the fair itself.  We also spoke about language, specifically his native language Romansh, which is primarily derived from Latin, and consists of five regional dialects.

The performance took place on a public square in Basel. Roman spoke in his native tongue while I stood passively by his side. He related the fruits of our discussions over the past days, but also digressed and drifted, in a monologue that I could neither follow nor understand. Though I did not speak, a series of short texts that I had written were projected behind us during the performance, describing my intentions in making this piece. The work lasted 45 minutes.

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