Flagitaret tandem remoto linteo ostendi

Flagitaret tandem remoto linteo ostendi

serigraphy screens


A series of eight serigraphy or silkscreen screens bearing the same title” “flagitaret tandem remoto linteo ostendi” ( “draw the curtain aside to let the picture be seen.”). The title is derived from Pliny’s famous description of the contest between Zeuxis and Parrhasius, in which Parrhasius:

“…entered into a pictorial contest with Zeuxis, who represented some grapes, painted so naturally that the birds flew towards the spot where the picture was exhibited. Parrhasius, on the other hand, exhibited a curtain, drawn with such singular truthfulness, that Zeuxis, elated with the judgment which had been passed upon his work by the birds, haughtily asked to draw the curtain should be drawn aside to let the picture be seen. Upon finding his mistake, with a great degree of ingenuous candour he admitted that he had been surpassed, for that whereas he himself had only deceived the birds, Parrhasius had deceived him, an artist.”

The works are the serigraphy screens, which were used in this instance to print directly on the wall.  The prints are an accessory by-product of the works, i.e. the screens. This series was produced for the exhibition “Rideaux/ Blinds” curated by Marie de Brugerolle at the Institut d’Art Contemporain in Villeurbanne, France in 2015.