Mime works

Mime Works I-IV

performance, inkjet prints


The  four pieces in the Mime works series  were produced in collaboration with the professional mime Gregg Goldston. These works were first shown at the 2010 Armory Art Fair in New York. In an empty booth, Goldston performed the pieces daily throughout the duration of the fair. Illustrated scripts of the four pantomimes were hung on the exterior wall of the booth. A nail on one wall, a white pedestal on the floor, a spotlight, and a series of five nails were also installed in the booth.

Each piece consisted of a precisely scripted sequence of gestures, often referencing an artist or an author as well as a specific facet of the art and history of pantomime.  Each piece also targeted a specific part of the mime’s body: his back, his face, his hands, etc. This work was subsequently restaged at Collector’s Space in Istanbul in 2013.