Sibyl Sybil

A solo exhibition at the Centre d’Art Contemporain La Criée in Rennes, France.

The exhibition consisted of a series of new works, as well as older works, some of which were presented in fragmentary form, like citations. Gestures were isolated from performances, and installed as a series of photographic prints on the wall. Items that I collect and accumulate in the studio, as interlocutors of sorts for my work, were also presented in the form of idiosyncratic collections. I also wrote a series of texts for the exhibition, in the exhibition, that were then installed along the back wall of the space.

The title of the work plays off of the two conventional spellings of the name Sybil (or Sibyl).  The Sybil in Classical Greek and Latin mythology was an oracle who read from oak leaves that the winds blew to the door of her cave. In this exhibition, she stands as an allegory of sorts for the act of reading: both how the artist as reader of the world, and the viewer as reader or interpreter of an artwork.


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This is a link to the video of the same name as the exhibition, produced with the actress Laure-Lucille Simon: