inket prints, variable dimensions

Each work consists of an image that has been encrypted with a text by means of digital steganography. The texts are encrypted into the images using software designed by my cousin Vincent Bismuth. His program allows me to make the encryption more or less visible, by altering more or less of the data of the image. Altering the data alters the colors of the pixels of the image, coloring an image with a text, transcoding a text as shifts in color of the mosaic pieces of an image.  The images are shown along with the text that is encrypted, and in some cases,  the original photograph. Below are images of some of  these works, along with the texts that they were encrypted with:

Steganograms XIII-XV

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Steganogram XVIII

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Steganogram XIX-XXIII

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Steganograms XIII-XV

Steganogram XVIII

Steganogram XIX-XXIII English

Steganogram XIX-XXIII French