Willy Nilly

Willy Nilly



In front of a cameraman, who followed me throughout the space, I  executed a series of five simple gestures, each of them derived from the previous performance I had done in the same space, a few weeks back titled “Billy.” These gestures were abstracted, that is to say removed from their content and context. The last gesture – which consisted of writing the words “noting nothing” in black eyeliner on the wall – was reversed, looped, and played in another part of the space after the performance for the remainder of the evening. The video showed the phrase being written and seemingly erased as the footage played first forward then in reverse.

This work was produced for “L’homme aux cent yeux” curated by Gilles Baume in 2016 at the FRAC Ile de France Le Plateau in Paris, France. These stills were taken from footage shot by Arthur Perret.

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