Writing performances

Writing performances

2015 to present


Starting in 2015, I embarked on a series of performances in which I wrote to an audience, in front of the audience. The setup has certain constant features:

  1. the writing is improvised on the spot
  2. an image of the surface I am filling with text is projected so that the audience can read the text as I write it
  3. I stop writing once I have filled the surface (a page or a digital document) that I started out with


While the first performances I did in this series consisted solely of this action, Untitled (Signed) performed in London at Secondhome also included images taken during a trip to the Maxacali tribe in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Below are images of some of these performances:


Untitled (Beside) at the FRAC Besançon, Besançon, 2015


Untitled (Fill) at The Box, Los Angeles, 2015


Untitled (Stay) at Artissima, Turin, 2015


Untitled (Signed) at Secondhome, London. 2016


Untitled (Phrases) at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2017

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